15 minute initial consultation

Initial Parent/Family Consultation

We consult with parent(s), family, or caretakers to understand specific goals, needs, and wishes. By understanding the child’s history, education status, and abilities we can co-create the best-tailored process for your child’s unique needs.

In this consultation, we will:

  • Assess the needs and wants of the family
  • Start building the foundation for how the Makay Method can best support your kids and help their growth towards a more independent life

Initial Client Assessment

A core part of the Makay Method is tailoring a process for each child’s unique capabilities and growth opportunities. During this 1:1 meeting, we start developing the connection that will be the foundation of building trust going forward.

In this assessment, we will:

  • Identify the child’s individual needs to determine potential peer matches with other students, and uncover specific interests to explore in our activities.
  • Create a flexible plan based on the child’s preferred learning style and student needs in collaboration with the parents including their goals and wishes
  • Begin structuring the process tailored to the child’s unique needs

If academic tutoring or structuring is needed we will help assess the current level that the child is at within their grade level and differentiate material as needed.

Day School, After School, and Weekend Programs

At the Makay Method, child-led learning and real-world experiences are a crucial part of fostering a sense of independence and confidence in neurodivergent people. Participating in these programs, the children will often spend time with other students they are matched with through the Initial Assessment. By exposing neurodivergent children to new experiences and providing them with the necessary skills and support, we help them engage with the world and develop healthy relationships.

These programs are:

  • Tailored to the individual child following our initial consultations and assessments
  • Mostly group-focused but can be 1:1 experiences depending on our individual contract and your child’s needs and goals

    Follow-up Parent/Family Consultations

    We offer follow-up consultations as needed to address your child’s evolving needs and ensure we stay aligned as we move forward in our collaboration, while forming a team to propel your child’s growth and independence. This consultation can include your child’s service care providers such as teachers, therapists, and specialists.

    In this consultation, we will:

    • Review the flexible contract to assure alignment and set expectations for the best possible collaboration
    • Talk about how their child has changed and any new behaviors presented and communicate and get feedback on what’s working and what can be shifted

    Special Events, Camps & Holidays

    These will be listed on the special events page on an ongoing basis. Rates may vary.


    “Growing up in East Oakland, I often felt isolated in school and I looked to the teachers for guidance. Ms. Makay was one of those teachers. She is the rare kind of teacher who can bring stability to chaotic environments and pay attention to the kids keen on learning which sets her apart as one of a kind in the teaching world. Ms. Makay went above and beyond, not just teaching, but providing the empathy, compassion, and kindness that shaped me into who I am today.”

    – Emma, former student

    “Ms. Makay has been an invaluable support for my son, offering more than just education. As a parent to an Autistic child, finding someone like Ms. Makay, who genuinely understands and cares for his unique needs, has been a profound blessing. Her remarkable ability to connect, paired with unmatched patience and empathy, has made a significant difference. She goes beyond her duties, building trust and fostering a sense of belonging that’s rare. Celebrating every small success and navigating challenges together, we’ve seen his social skills, communication, and confidence soar under her guidance. Ms. Makay’s dedication to her students’ progress is truly extraordinary.”

    – Jennifer M, parent

    “My son feels empowered and energized with Makay. We are so grateful to have found her. Makay brings good energy to every meeting and outing. She is skilled and fun!”

    – Hilary D, parent

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