Dive Into Summer: A Journey of Exploration and Growth

Summer is a season of adventure, growth, and discovery, and at Makay Method, we’re excited to offer a unique summer camp experience tailored for neurodivergent middle and early high school students. Life Skills Summer Camp is designed to fuse essential life skills and academics with the joy of outdoor activities, community engagement, and the thrill of new experiences.


Empowering Through Education and Adventure

This summer, our students will embark on a journey that intertwines functional communication, social skills building, and the exploration of our world, learning new hobbies and interests, all while enhancing their executive functioning skills. Our curriculum is crafted to promote independence, foster friendships, and instill a lasting love for learning through:

  • Dynamic Outdoor Activities: From the tranquility of hiking trails to the exhilaration of swimming, our camp offers diverse experiences to connect with nature and ignite a spirit of adventure.
  • Community Engagement: Campers will have the opportunity to meet local people and understand the workings of our community, and participate in meaningful projects that bring learning to life.
  • Culinary Explorations: Whether it’s selecting fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market or cooking up a storm, we’ll dive into the fun and practicality of making and enjoying food together.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Visits to museums and cultural sites will enrich our campers’ summer with history, art, science, and hands-on activities opening doors to new perspectives and passions.
  • Navigating the world: Campers will learn the basics of  how to get around in the new areas we explore. Last summer we had a great time learning how to use the train schedule and map to visit our friends in Sonoma, learn where a new hiking trail is, how to find our items at the grocery store, and any new place we visit. 

Building Bridges, Creating Memories

At the heart of our summer camp is the goal of building lasting relationships among our campers. Through teamwork, shared experiences, and supported social interactions, we aim to create a community where every member feels valued, understood, and connected.


Key Details:

  • Ages: Middle to early high school neurodivergent students
  • Dates: Monday through Friday: June – August
  • Hours:  9am to 3pm 
  • Pick up and drop off in: Mill Valley TBD
  • Activities will be customized for the group, and may include: Swimming, hiking, museum visits, cooking, community social skills practice, and more!
  • Daily updates to be shared via procare app.


Join Us for a Summer to Remember

Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to grow, explore, and thrive this summer. Spaces are limited, and the adventures are endless. Sign up today to secure your spot in the Makay Method Functional Life Skills Summer Camp, where we turn every challenge into an opportunity and every moment into a memory.


To reserve a spot in the summer camp, please use the contact us form and include “summer camp.’ in your message.